Download Emulador GBA - mGBA v0.2.0

Vba é um emulador muito eficaz de Game boy advance, porém possui uma seria de bugs, para corrigir os bugs os desenvolvedores e o Google fizeram novas compilações com o intuito de ajudar todos os  gamers e sempre garantir a todos um otimo desempenho e melhores gráficos.
O VBa ReGravando é uma compilação especial para todos os viciados em games. com ela vc possui uma série de recurssos novos.

Features: Support for gamepad axes, e.g. analog sticks or triggers Add scale presets for up to 6x Settings window Bilinear resampling option Add option to skip BIOS start screen List of recently opened games Support for games using the Solar Sensor Better audio resampling via blip-buf Game Pak overrides dialog for setting savetype and sensor values Support for games using the tilt sensor Remappable shortcuts for keyboard and gamepad Rewinding of emulation Implemented BIOS routines SoftReset, RegisterRamReset, Diff8bitUnFilterWram, Diff8bitUnFilterVram, and Diff16bitUnFilter Support IPv6 Save directory of last loaded file Support BPS patches Automatically detect and optimize out idle loops Configurable game overrides Support loading 7-Zip files Drag and drop game loading Cheat code support Runtime configurable audio driver Libretro core for use with RetroArch and other front-ends Controller profiles for setting different bindings for different controllers Ability to lock aspect ratio Local link cable support Ability to switch which game controller is in use per instance Ability to prevent opposing directional input Warning dialog if an unimplemented BIOS feature is called Debugger: Add CLI “frame”, frame advance command Debugger: Add CLI functions for writing to memory Debugger: Add CLI functions for examining memory regions Debugger: Add CLI function for writing a register mGBA v0.2.0 Changelog: Bugfixes: ARM7: Extend prefetch by one stage ARM7: Fix cycle counting for loads Debugger: Disassembly now lists PSR bitmasks (fixes #191) GBA: Fix savestate loading of DISPSTAT and WAITCNT registers GBA: Initialize gba.sync to null GBA: Fix timer initialization GBA Audio: Support 16-bit writes to FIFO audio GBA Audio: Audio buffer sizes are now correct sizes for both sample rates GBA BIOS: Fix BIOS prefetch after returning from an IRQ GBA BIOS: Fix BIOS prefetch after reset GBA BIOS: Prevent CpuSet and CpuFastSet from using BIOS addresses as a source (fixes #184) GBA BIOS: Fix BIOS decompression routines with invalid source addresses GBA Memory: Fix alignment of open bus 8- and 16-bit loads GBA Memory: Fix I cycles that had been moved to ARM7 core GBA Memory: Fix cycle counting for 32-bit load/stores GBA RR: Fix fallthrough error when reading tags from a movie GBA Thread: Fix possible hang when loading an archive GBA Thread: Fix possible deadlock in video sync Perf: Fix crash when the GBA thread fails to start Qt: Fix crash starting a GDB stub if a game isn’t loaded Qt: Fix crash when adjusting settings after closing a game Qt: Fix crash when starting GDB stub after closing a game Qt: Fix patch loading while a game is running Qt: Fix crash when loading a game after stopping GDB server Qt: Pause game while open file dialogs are open (fixes #6 on GitHub) Qt: Fix crash when attempting to pause if a game is not running SDL: Properly clean up if a game doesn’t launch Util: Fix sockets on Windows Misc: All: Enable link-time optimization Debugger: Watchpoints now work on STM/LDM instructions Debugger: Clean up GDB stub network interfacing Debugger: Simplify debugger state machine to play nicer with the GBA thread loop Debugger: Merge Thumb BL instructions when disassembling Debugger: Clean up debugger interface, removing obsolete state (fixes #67) Debugger: Watchpoints now report address watched (fixes #68) Debugger: Add support for soft breakpoints Debugger: Make I/O register names be addresses instead of values Debugger: Rename read/write commands GBA: Improve accuracy of event timing GBA: Add API for getting Configuration structs for overrides and input GBA: Refactor gba-sensors and gba-gpio into gba-hardware GBA: Refactor gba directory, dropping gba- prefix and making supervisor directory GBA: Move A/V stream interface into core GBA: Savestates now take into account savedata state machines (fixes #109) GBA Audio: Change internal audio sample buffer from 32-bit to 16-bit samples GBA Memory: Simplify memory API and use fixed bus width GBA Thread: Make GBASyncWaitFrameStart time out GBA Video: Start video at the last scanline instead of the first Qt: Optimize logo drawing Qt: Move frame upload back onto main thread Qt: Remember window position Qt: Double-clicking on the window toggles full screen Util: Use proper locale for reading and writing float values Download: mGBA

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